How To Watch Free TV Shows Online

Well, you have traded in the cable provider for something special and entertainment worthy. It is great that you have relied on digital streaming services like Hulu and Netflix to view your favorite shows. But there lies the factor of cost.

So, where shall you turn to for your day-to-day entertainment? Don’t be scared. There are many streaming services like Pluto, Crackle, and Vudu that allow you to legally watch various free TV shows online.

Here the amount of the iconic and favorite classic movies present in these online TV show portals are quite surprising and as they cost nothing, you might have to undergo the disadvantage of the occasional ad breaks that pop up.

Best Free TV Digital Streaming Services

  • Tubi

Among the various online portals available, Tubi can be considered as the best alternative to 123movies and the legitimate one. It operates using license agreement and one can view various online TV shows as well as movies. The best part of using this online TV streaming portal is that you can create a free user account easily.

Most importantly, in this online portal, you can bookmark the shows in the queue. So, this will help you to check out and watch from where you left off previously. Also, the site will track the history, thereby displaying the shows based on your history.

  • Sony Crackle

No doubt, Crackle is a great site for watching free online movies. Like the Tubi, you have the option to create your personalized bookmarking that helps you to watch from where you left out just the day or week before.

As it is a free service, you can easily access it from various major platforms using the free Crackle app. The only disadvantage you might come across is the occasional ads that pop up. Frankly, Crackle is a great medium for enjoying your free time while sitting on your computer or mobile app.

  • Popcornflix

Now you might find various full-length documentaries, movies, foreign films as well as the international web services of many genres, there are multiple and unique TV shows that might be difficult to access even in other sites as well as your Cable TV.

Millennial users can watch their childhood nostalgic movies or sitcoms of the 90s right on the Popcornflix. You can view various classic ones like Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, The Adventures of Super Mario 3 Bros, and the list goes on and on.

  • Vudu

This is an online platform run by Walmart and based on the pay-per-use. This is one of the best movie streaming services having a variety of collections of movies and shows to watch for free. Here the free content present on the website might have ads, still, the platform has various popular shows highlighting some of the quality ones from Fox, CBS, HBO, etc.

Final Verdict

The above given are some of the best and entertainment friendly video streaming sites. You might have a great time viewing the latest videos and movies from these sites, even though the occasional ads might pop up. Since the quality of the video and movies are from the best movie studios and channels, you won’t get intimated with the ads.

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