Is actually a game of flying dedicated to the war planes that was being used during World War II?  This does not involve specific planes from particular countries alone, but all the kinds of war planes that make action during the war. If you need gold and silver for the game you should use our War Wings hack from below. Its control system is very accessible and features enhances good mode in playing the game. Its damage gauge is precise, unlike the other games, which uses health bars.

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Tips without the War Wings Hack

  1. Be loaded. In this game, going up into the sky with a WWII fighter and taking enemy airbases and planes is a very challenging task. You can’t afford to be short of ammo and meet those enemy war planes.  Even the cross-hair of your gun can be upgraded.  Stocking fire extinguisher is a good investment in this game.
  2. Aileron Roll. Performing an aileron roll is one good technique in a dog fight. This maneuver is possible by sliding your finger either to the right or left of the screen.  This is a good tactic in hunting down enemy ships.
  3. This skill will mean a lot in any dog fight.  Since it takes time to reload in war wings, you should reload as long as you can.  You should be a good shooter also in order not to waste more time and effort.  It is also capable of choosing the part of the airplane, that you want to take out.
  4. Know your location. Know your exact location and so with the enemies. It is good to get the tactical map in good view, so that you will not end up in enemy’s position.  If it happens, your target may not be able to kill you, but, one of your enemy’s team mates will.  Target enemy planes that are flying solo or those being chased by your friends.
  5. Be flexible. Flexibility plays a big role in the game.  Being able to nose dive when being chased or go up get a good glimpse of the enemy plane is an advantage.
  6. Join the squadron. Being part of one will give you more opportunity to play 4×4 and get more rewards.
  7. When doing bombing maneuver, you need to be in the correct altitude.  If not, you can pull up again to be in the right altitude.  Them you look for your target and dive.  Release only the bomb when you see the indicator turns white.

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What is War Wings Hack tool ?

Playing this game will require you enough gems and money for you to love it.  It gives the player an opportunity to acquire unlimited gold and by just acquiring the hack, which helps you in acquiring these much-needed awards.  It also boosts the games reserve.

Here are some of the planes used in War Wings:

  • British warplanes are a combination of durability, speed, fire power and maneuverability.   They are considered as superior war planes during world war II.  Such planes as hurricane and spit fire class are a good example of their planes.
  • German planes are well known for their speed end the air.  It has an exceptional climb rate.  Bf 109 and FW-190 are a classic example of those German planes.  They have achieved air victories during the war.
  • American planes are usually sturdily built and can carry a large amount of ordnance.  It is easy to control and well protected.  The fire power and the team tactics are an advantage.
  • These planes are smaller than normal and has great maneuverability much more in lower altitude.

war wings logo

Specs Requirements For The Game

  • OS: 64-bit windows 10
  • CPU: Intel core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350
  • RAM: 8 GB system Memory
  • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970/ R9280X
  • GPU RAM :2 GB Video memory
  • Hard drive: At least 50 GB of free space
  • DIRECTX: DirectX 11

War Wings is a game for those who love great challenges.  This game is for the people with so much passion in flying planes.  This is also for the people who want to relive world war II and enjoy the different planes who were involved in that war.  Try to play this game and experience what it is to be a world war II pilot.